Sunday, April 21, 2013

Collaboration Chronicles Round 2: Threading Motion at the NE Quilt Museum!

Since words and original music were the perfect accompaniment to our experimental mobius show, I decided to keep Jenn and Christos on as active participants in my new work (the 'live' component to Luminarium's Threading Motion Project), with Rose, Katie and Leslie dancing as a trio.  

Preface; I had minimal knowledge of anything to do with quilts!  Merli, and her previous interest in quilting, was the one driving the connection to the NE Quilt Museum in Lowell in her quest to create the beautiful Quilt Vignettes (on film), and I was glad to contribute work performed live amidst the museum's collections.  

I approached my work from a very broad standpoint.  Quilts are comfort, they are art, they are hard work.  As art, quilts too must be conceived through creative process, which can be flattened into the ideas of preparation, process, product.  While I often don't work methodically, any artist has at least a bit of personal process, so in that manner I related to quilting.  I remember my grandmother teaching me how to sew buttons onto scraps of fabric, and later turn scraps of fabric into larger items; her motto was constantly "measure twice, cut once"and this along with ideas of blueprint, trace, and steadiness were inspiration behind the first phase of the piece.  The second phase, process, attempted to stretch and weave our 60ft aerial silk throughout the performance space.  The dancers became thread, became fingers in control of thread.  They were thoughts and ideas, put into action or discarded.  Each of the three was constantly in contact with the silk.  It supported their weight and movements, it was a thin barrier between two partnering dancers, it was a constant. Finally, our final portion of the work demonstrated the permanentness of a product, whether tangible, visual or auditory, and the ultimate goal of sharing it with others.  

Hopefully soon we will share some video, so you can experience and weigh in on our final product.  With subtle/intricate music providing support to the movement, and the following poems spoken throughout the 15 minute piece, many audience members raved about the work's multiple layers providing a fullness to the viewing experience.

Check out the brilliant poems that follow, and if YOU attended this weekend's showing, please send us your thoughts.

Many thanks to Jenn Allen, Christos Zevos, Rose, Leslie, Katie and everyone that made this project possible!



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