Monday, March 26, 2012

Photography Preview...More to Come!

Luminarium began March with a bang, as we met with Shane Godfrey (of Shane Godfrey Photography) for an 11-hour photoshoot.

Melenie warms up as we prepare the set.

DJ Collins provides the tunes...

Shane sets up his lighting to work within the tight space.

Mark and Jess J watch as the first three dancers do their solo shots.

Matt gets groovy as the afternoon progresses.

Moving on to group shots, Shane instructs the dancers on how
to center themselves within the frame.

Christin, Jess C, and Amyko experiment through structured improv.
 The final product? Kim and Merli can vouch for the beauty of the final selection of unedited photos. So stay tuned to see the final product! In the meantime, here's our new season image as a little taste of the photoshoot:

Many thanks to Shane Godfrey and Meg Elkinton for their hard work on our season's photos!