Tuesday, October 29, 2013

10 Reasons Why YOU Should Come See Secrets & Motion

This weekend is your last shot to see Secrets & Motion for awhile.  Maybe forever.  Here's a BuzzFeed-inspired list of reasons not to miss it!!

1.  Accessibility.  You don't have to 'get' dance to enjoy this one.

We solemnly swear to curb the use of spoken word, angsty gestures, full nudity, and modern-dance face in this production.

2.  A welding mask makes a vital appearance... at least once.

Vital, we tell you.

3.  The World Series will be over, you'll need something to fill your time.  

Citizens, meet art.  Art, citizens.  Go be friends.

4.  Real Boston people anonymously donated secrets to the show.  Even better, some of them are a little bit awkward.  

We still love all of our secret-donors.  Thank you for your secrets- good, bad and weird.

5.  D--- in a box.  Five of them.  (Dancers, that is.)

You should see what Step 2 entails...

6.  Buying a ticket supports college graduates that picked art as a life-choice, forgoing the idea of 'getting rich quick'.  Come help us convince our parents we made the right choice.  

Anyone can be an English major, but only the strong can tackle a dance degree ;)

7.  Light-up prosthetics...

Need we say more??

8.  50 Shades of Grey has nothing on us.  Costumes for this show feature at LEAST 10 shades of off-white.

Also 2-3 shades of maroon, lots of mismatched black, various browns...

9.  A lot of paper was destroyed before and during the show.  Come protest, environmentalists (just buy a ticket first)!

Don't worry tree-huggers, we actually save the paper, we just have no idea what the heck to do with it.

10.  Finally, our show abbreviates to S&M.  Where else in Boston can you go check out a show titled S&M this weekend and not be embarrassed to tell your friends??

November 1 & 2, 2013 - 8pm
Boston University Dance Theater
915 Commonwealth Ave - Boston, MA

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Questions?  Contact us at 617-477-4494 or tickets@luminariumdance.org.