Monday, November 7, 2011

Say Y.E.S. to another fantastic season!

Many thanks go out to the wonderful audience members who graced our theater space on Friday and Saturday night, and to the supporters who cheered us on through the final production of our 2011 Season: Y.E.S. - Year End Show

Thanks also to Steph Hodge Photography for the beautiful photographs we now have the pleasure of sharing with you, and everyone else who made this production possible.

l. to r. - Amy Mastrangelo, Mark Kranz and Meghan Riling in Guerra's Bus Stop.

l. to r. - Mark Kranz and Dahne Ledford in Guerra's Bus Stop.

l. to r. - Amy Mastrangelo, Jessica Jacob, Jess Chang, and Jarid Polite in Guerra & Holman's It was 4am...

Mark Kranz in Holman's Agonía.

l. to r. - Christin Collins, Dahne Ledford, and Mark Kranz in Holman's Agonía.

                                                           Amyko Ishizaki in Guerra's Upon.

  l. to r. - Meghan Riling and the cast of Guerra & Homan's you have hands, too?

l. to r. - The cast and Merli V. Guerra in Guerra & Holman's you have hands, too?

Thanks to all of our dancers for giving us such a brilliant performance this weekend, and throughout 2011!

We are so excited to see what 2012 will bring...