Sunday, April 21, 2013

Collaboration Chronicles... Threading Motion Round 1

As a artist (especially a former college dance major), we often find ourselves in forced or chance collaborations.  To be completely honest, besides working with Merli in constant Luminarium endeavors, I had never really collaborated with someone I knew on a personal level.  

We were accepted to mobius' Tinderbox series for April.  Having the Threading Motion Project approaching and not a lot of time, I decided to present the broken-down version of my live trio, done as a solo.  I suppose in retrospect this is typical for me, present the introspective exploration on a work that hadn't been created or performed yet.  Backwards, as usual!  

Anyways, in order to fill out the sensory experience, I approached my lovely jazz-composer/trumpet-playing sister, Jenn Allen, to provide some of her new musical sketches to add more life to the work.  With Jenn on trumpet, and Christos Zevos, bassist extraordinaire, we had an awesome thing going!  

60 ft- of teal silk, the movement talents of Leslie Armstrong (our newest Luminarium dancer)... the art exploration was visually interesting, but since I am a backwards worker and the world knew nothing of this piece, I felt audiences needed a tiny bit more context.  We had sections exploring unravelling, emerging, distributing/scattering, a section based on an ostinato, and another unravel.  I was going to write some amateur poetry myself... when Christos casually offered to take a turn at it during one of our two rehearsals.  Just under two hours later, at the end of rehearsal, I am certainly glad we had agreed to give it a go.  

Even if you are lucky enough to have wonderfully talented people in your life, you can still be rendered speechless by new creations...  Please enjoy the following poetry, which accompanied our mobius/Tinderbox performance!




rises from water: 
fathoms deep, cold 
and round 

the world held their 
and exhaled. 



sunlight through window 
hand-clap, dust constell 

each particle 
even drift 
to new homes 



a  shopping cart 
with a  stubborn 
wheel squeaks a 
stubborn    hand 
cracks  knuckles 
with    shopping 
bags  in  hand  a 
car  door  creaks 
a  window  with 
small   cracks   a 
strong        hand 
squeaks  chalk a 
hand  bag with a 
stubborn    clasp 
shopping     cart 
sound  over time 



tight wound 
and wind 
-no sag 

sound of 
hands brushing 
on walls, 
oceans of 
smooth cloth 

sky made 
solid, balled 

and released. 


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