Monday, May 30, 2011

LEAP! Photos, Thoughts & Thank You's.

Many thanks to everyone who made LEAP: Leading & Engaging Artistic Pursuits such a success last night. We are so grateful to the dancers of Luminarium Dance Company, for their shared talents and dedication. Thanks to Rob Flax for his beautiful harmonies, and to Meghan Boehmer for her patience with Amyko’s costume and for helping with our tech. Thanks to Erich Hagan, and the Cambridge Family YMCA Theatre. Thank you to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston, for allowing us to do this project. A special thanks to the Jordan Boys and Girls Club, especially to Michelle, Gina and Emily who helped facilitate the logistics of this program and concert, enabling things to run smoothly. A final thank you to ALL of the JBGC members who participated in the many aspects of the Performing Arts Project. We have enjoyed watching and working with you in master classes, workshops, art projects and night programs. (Tyra, Deanna, Omarra, Daniela, and Alexis: I have very much enjoyed seeing what you brought to rehearsals and seeing you grow as dancers, nice work! - Kim)

For those of you wishing to see images from the show, both behind the scenes and during, please scroll down to view the beautiful photos taken by Steph Hodge. View her full portfolio at
Before the show. Scenes from backstage:
Dahne prepares her hair.
Merli laughs as the company discusses the benefits of potassium to calm nerves before a show. Turns out it really works!
Chevaun French braids Amyko's hair for her solo.
Meanwhile, Kim introduces the JBGC members to the company members with whom they are about to perform.

 The show begins. After a brief improv from the audience to the stage, the company is ready to perform:

Stand by me - Choreography by Kimberleigh A. Holman

What we bring... (A sample of our company's varied artistic styles.)
Mark Kranz: Tap and Capoeira
Merli Guerra: Classical Indian Dance (Odissi style)
Lori Celeste: Classical Ballet
Dahne Ledford: Ukrainian Folk Dance
Christin Collins: Hip Hop

...for the stars - Choreography by Merli V. Guerra
*For insights on this piece by the choreographer, visit!

Everything But Blue (The Film) - Choreography by Kimberleigh A. Holman, Direction and Editing by Holman and Guerra

you have hands, too? - Co-Choreographed by Merli V. Guerra & Kimberleigh A. Holman
*While difficult to see in these photos, all the dancers but Merli have written on their shirts. When Merli arrives with a blank shirt, there's only one thing for the other eight to do...
Some silliness. The "curmudgeon" section, as it has come to be known in rehearsals.
A moment with the full cast, before bursting into dynamic overlapping solos.
The end!

A final thank you to all those who attended the show, and to those who attended from afar in spirit. We are grateful for your support and are happy to share these moments with you in our blog!

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