Saturday, May 21, 2011

Behind the Scenes @ MHC

Had a wonderful show today at Mount Holyoke College! Many thanks to the professors who invited us, and to our dancers for traveling with us to our alma mater. Here are a few shots of us during the performance process. A professional photoshoot was done with Jim Coleman after the show, so stay tuned for those photos soon!

A mess of costumes, makeup, warm-ups and street attire cluttering the floors of the beautiful new dance studios.

The group is exhausted, yet happy, having performed in the new theatre after only a single ten-minute tech/dress/run of the piece just one hour before.

Christin leaps across the floor in our gorgeous studio.

 The group changes, relaxes and enjoys the much-needed sun...

 Laughing on the stairs...

Finally, our trip ends at Blanchard. We introduce our Lumies to MHC spicy fries, Chef Jeff cookies, and prepare to head home...

*REMEMBER! Check back SOON to see our professional photos! Ten dancers leaping in the air... it's bound to be a fun batch of pics. :)

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*Thank you to Louise for donating some of these photos...

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