Monday, May 2, 2011

Film on the Brain...

Lately, we have been in a film frenzy!

After our successful Kickstarter campaign, we decided to let our supporters in on the actual filming process.  So many people had commented on how professional and polished our campaign video was, but we knew what had really happened.

Get in on the silliness here... and bear witness to our giggles, awkward smile moments, many mistakes, and one mischievous pup!

As the real reward to those who brought us success, we premiered our first dance film as a company, 'Everything But Blue', and most recently uploaded it to Youtube for YOUR viewing pleasure.

'Everything But Blue' (the film) is a physical exploration of escaping the ordinary.  The film opens with some glimpses of everyday routine.  Work, public transportation, monotony, boredom; all are things one has to do or endure.  As internal frustration builds, viewers are teased with flashes of a sparkly earring, a lipstick application and other moments that seem completely random to the film so far.  However, with the opening strains of ‘Indigo’ (P. Mikkelborg, M. Davis) seven individuals clad in tattered but glitzy party wear begin a wild run that takes them the farthest away from their drab environments.  The original Everything But Blue was a staged dance piece, serving to portray an absurd alternative to heady contemporary dance.  There was no reason or subliminal meaning behind it, the piece provided a ‘why not’ approach to concert dance with carefree energy and body shapes in space.  The film version of Everything But Blue, filmed throughout Boston and Cambridge, served to provide the same ideas in a greater context of a life that anyone could connect to.  The film serves to provide not just an escape alternative to the stage but to the common individual’s life routine; would it be deconstructive or liberating to run out of your own life in this style?  

As always, comments, reviews and thoughts on our work is appreciated and enjoyed.  You can leave it on youtube, on our facebook page, or on our website!

Thanks to Michael Russell, who majorly helped us shoot the film, and to Dow Brain, who lent us equipment!  Also, MAJOR thanks to our lovely dancers.  This film was shot all over Boston and Cambridge in November of 2010, and it was FREEZING.  Somehow no one complained or even questioned why on earth we were going to dance in party dresses outdoors... and better yet, you can't tell by watching their fabulous movement that their muscles are icy cold!  THANK YOU lovely dancers.  

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