Thursday, October 13, 2016

Meet a Dancer: Gabby Pacheco

In preparation for Luminarium's 2016 feature production PORTAL: Stories from the Edge, Luminarium's Publicity Intern, Lillian Gaylord, has interviewed each of the performers to better introduce them to you—our followers. Enjoy getting to know Gabby Pacheco, then come see her perform at the show: November 11 & 12 at the Boston University Dance Theater. Grab your tickets here!

Gabby Pacheco

Company Member since 2014

Photo: Kristyn Ulanday

LG: How long have you been with Luminarium Dance Company, and what drew you to the company initially?

GP: This is my third season with Luminarium! They were one of the first companies I found as I was graduating college and I found that their ideas and movement related so closely to what I had done in school.  It made college to real world transition so easy!

Gabby Pacheco performing in the first iteration of rabbit hole cycles in 2015.
Photo: Ryan Carollo.

LG: Of the three pieces you’re in, is there one which you relate to the most or that was the most challenging/interesting?

GP: Although all the works interest and challenge me in different ways, rabbit hole cycles really sticks out due to its content and character play. We have spent more than a year picking this piece apart and can continue to do so for much longer and find so much within the work. I appreciate the depth of the work and I think it allows so much room for interpretation. That challenges me as the dancer to be very clear and precise when performing to guide the viewer in this journey.

Gabby sharing her thoughts on performing at the Boston Opera House
in Luminarium's behind-the-scenes documentary. View the documentary here.

LG: What was it like to perform the TEDxCambridge Piece at the Boston Opera House? Are you excited to bring it back to BU? Why or why not?

GP: It was an unreal experience performing at the Boston Opera House! The entire process in itself was so memorable and we tried to soak up every minute of it. I am excited to bring it to BU and to see how the size or shape of the stage can change the performance. I’m also interested to see what Kim and Merli have up their sleeve for lighting and stage design. I can’t wait to bring it back!

NOVEMBER 11 & 12 . 8PM
Boston University Dance Theater
Boston MA

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